Islamabad National University will Not be Built at PM House

Islamabad National University will not be built at the PM House as the project has been canceled. Instead of developing Islamabad National University, the new proposal is to build an engineering university.

Atta-ur-Rahman is directed to review this proposition. Details revealed that the present government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led did not allocate any funds for the university. It spends Rs3 crore at a ceremony related to the institution in January. Despite the fact that money was spent on a ceremony related to the project, no funds were allocated for the institution.

Earlier we informed our readers that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that no university can be established in Prime Minister House due to security reasons.

CDA objected over the site of PM House that is within Islamabad’s high-security Red Zone. Thus the Higher Education Commission (HEC) objected the plan to convert the Prime Minister House into a university.

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Also in another article, we shared with our readers that the Islamabad National University (INU), which is also referred to as the PM House University might not offer degree programs instead might just work as a thinking unit for providing policy advice to the government. Now it seems that there will be no Islamabad National University at all.

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