Islamabad is on Sale for 20 billion Dollars on OLX – Research Snipers

Islamabad is on Sale for 20 billion Dollars on OLX

Pindi Boys are selling Islamabad for 20 billion dollars on OLX and it is all over the twitter.

Just look at this tweet

“Kids: Sell phone Legends: Sell plots Pindi boys: Islamabad hi bech dia olx pe…”

Pindi Boys are described as “’Pindi boys’ (or “boyses”) is the pejorative term used for the stereotypical slimy-haired, gaudily clothed Punjabi accented youngsters of Rawalpindi, Pakistan who journey to Islamabad, usually in large groups of predominantly male friends, to enjoy the sights and sounds of the nation’s capital.”

Pindi Boys & Girls are now claiming their right on Islamabad

As per this tweet

“It’s time… all the pindi boys and girls to claim Islamabad soon.”

So guys and girls, the Pindi boys are selling the federal capital of Pakistan on OLX.

Apart from this, Pindi Boys are also loved by the US Comedian Jeremy McLellan. When the biggest Mall in Islamabad Centaurus started charging Rs 500 for entry of every single male, the US comedian could feel their pain like his own.

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On a Facebook post he expressed his agony for Pindi Boyz like this:

“As the United States Ambassador to the Pindi Boyz, it has been brought to my attention that Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is now charging 500 PKR to any young man who tries to enter with a group. This is 100% discrimination against my people and I call on both local authorities and the United Nations to investigate this matter so that Pindi Boyz can once again roam the halls of Centaurus as free men. Thank you.”

So yes Pindi Boys are universally loved.