Islamabad International Airport Will Be The Largest, Technologically Advanced Airport In History Of Pakistan

Pakistan is growing in terms of its economy and infrastructure. It has been welcomed as the fastest developing economy with its thriving manufacturing and service sectors. Constructing the largest airport of the country that is Islamabad International Airport is yet another achievement by the country.

The prediction is that the airport that would be developed at Fateh Jang would be the largest, technologically advanced and most modern airport ever seen in Pakistan.

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The uniqueness of Islamabad airport:

  • The ability and capacity to control more than 4,500 passengers at one time
  • It constitutes of 15 parking bays and terminal gates
  • Will be able to accommodate the biggest traveller airplane globally, the A-380 aircraft
  • Equipped with the modern technological machinery and software to take care of services like cargo handling, security and protection, passenger assistance and parking facilities.

Completion date of the airport:

By July 2017

For all the Haji’s, the airport will initiate Haj flights as per the deadline given by government.

Continuous effort and work is being done to facilitate Hajis with the most modern and advance technology.

The project is powered up by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and Attock Petroleum Limited.

Their contribution will be

Establishment of Jet Fuel Farm: Including storage and associated infrastructure at the Islamabad Airport. The storage capacity would be of 10,000 metric tons for jet fuel storage that can be extended to 20,000 metric tons

Hydrant Re-fuelling System: Collaborate to manage the procedures and maintenance of the Hydrant Re-fuelling System that transport and pumps fuel to the aircrafts in a safe, secure and well-organized method.

The facilities that would be present in this airport are all of international standards. The future of this airport and of Pakistan seems quite promising. We are competing international market by bringing new and innovative products and services, by constructing better and advance infrastructure and by ensuring that our economy continues to boom and grow.

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