Islamabad International Airport starts Caving In, Customer Cargo Area Evacuated

All staff and workers of the Islamabad International Airport have been shifted to an alternative place as the customer cargo or the airfreight unit of the airport started caving in.

There were small cracks on the wall, initially and drain leakage in a senior officer’s office and other rooms. The cracks then kept on increasing and now the area is caving in.

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The airport manager and the Islamabad International Airport project director were informed about the issue. They were told that the building is unsafe for work. He said that the cracks have increased in the building and it is caving in.

He said, “After a letter was written to the CAA, the authority plastered the walls to fill the cracks but alarm bells startedringing when the building started caving in a few days ago.

Adding, “How people can work under such a dangerous situation by risking their lives. It’s better to evacuate the staff.”

CAA and the project director was informed that the airfreight unit and the building was in a ragged condition. The cracks were increasing with every passing day. This inturn was affecting the performance of the workers

A CAA spokesperson said,  “The CAA has provided an alternative space to the customs staff after they complained about the cracks in the building.”

It has just been seven months since the new  Airport was inaugurated. It was constructed at a cost of over Rs105billion. However, the question is where has been the money spent with issues like the collapse of the ceiling, cracks in the building, caving in, stinking water in offices etc present.  

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