Islamabad First Cancer Hospital Launching

The Pakistan government has decided to launch the first ever modern cancer hospital in Islamabad. The Prime Minister Imran Khan presided a meeting on the current health reforms in the Capital, KP and Punjab. In that meeting it was decided to establish the first cancer hospital in Islamabad.

In the meeting, a briefing on the health action plan was given by the health secretary. He revealed that in Islamabad for the last 55years hospitals have been working with just 2000 beds. He said that under the new Capital Health Strategy in five years time these beds will be increased to 4000.  Furthermore it was decided that in Tarlai a state-of-the-art cancer hospital and a general hospital will be established with 200 beds. Also in Bara Kahu, Tarnol, and Rawat, three mother and child hospitals will be established with 120 beds.

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Moreover, by June 2020 rural health units and basic health units will be improved and upgraded.  PM Imran Khan revealed that the recruitment of health professionals is going on for all hospitals. Further adding that it is being planned by the health department to develop  associated medical science universities in the Capital of Pakistan.

 KP Health Minister Dr. Hisham Inamullah Khan talked about the reforms introduced by his ministry in the first 100 days of the PTI government.

He talked about how the Sehat Insaf Cards have been expanded along with measles immunization drive 95% coverage, inputs assessments in health departments, along with the establishment of the community complaints and grievance management system

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