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Islamabad Excise Department Introduces Online Car Registration Service

Online car registration service

An online car registration service has been launched by the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) which would be needing the fingerprints of the car owners for the fulfilling the purpose of registration.

This step is anticipated to either stop or at least decrease the fraudulent activities that are experienced at the time of sale and purchase of the vehicles.

Bilal Azam Khan—the Director of Excise and Taxation has given confirmation to the news. He said that the new form would be available on the official website of the department soon.

He further added that the measure would not just ease the pressure at the excise offices but would also be curbing the ever-rising fraud cases and theft activities in the federal capital.

Mr. Khan was hopeful that the new registration prices would be facilitating the people who want to register their sale or purchase with the department.

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He had the expectation that this new system would be putting an end to the long ques outside the office of the department and that people would be able to get their vehicles registered faster and in a much easier way.

He also mentioned that after 1st of March no car would be transferrable on an open transfer letter and the seller or the purchaser would have to go through a proper system that needs fingerprint verification.

As per the expert’s belief this move would be bringing an end to the agent mafia who fraud people into paying unusually high prices to get the registration done faster. The new registration system is free and would also be putting an end to illegal transfer of vehicles.

The excise department director also added that if the system gets successfully implemented in the federal capital it would then be duplicated at the excise offices throughout the country.

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