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Islamabad Eat Spring Edition Fails to Please People

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The Islamabad Eat has returned to the federal capital with yet another edition, the Spring Edition, however this time it has not received the same love and appreciation like it always gets in the past. Instead of appreciation and applaud the festival is experiencing criticism not just from the event attendees but also from the vendors.

As per the vendors of the event, Islamabad Eat charged a premium price from vendors and vowed to cater 40,000 to 50,000 people at the event. However, during the 3-day period, the event was unable to gain success as was promised by the event management, especially during the day time.

The festival was organized in the Jinnah Convention gardens which is an open-air location. Owing to the surging temperatures in the capital city, a moderate number of people actually attended the event during the day time.

Whereas, the event attendees some of them had issues with the price tickets for the event, as per them it was too pricey.

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Initially, the event was supposed to be held in the Fatima Jinnah Park but was annulled and delayed and then shifted to a new venue. As per the vendors the decision was made in haste and only 2 weeks were given in which most of the people were not even aware that the event had shifted to some other venue.

For the vendors, the venue of the festival was a major thing for putting up stalls at the Islamabad Eat.

Unfortunately, during the 3rd day of the festival during the final hours, a bad storm hit the event and the organizers were made to close the event early. This caused great losses for the vendors who were already struggling owing to the low attendance of people.

The vendors say that the event organizers should have taken the weather conditions in consideration before finalizing the dates for the event.

People are also unhappy with the event organizers as per them the management behind the Islamabad Eat Spring Edition is constantly deleting the comments and complaints of the people on social media.

The visitors say that the performances for which they came to attend the event in the first place were not up to the mark.

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