Is Vivo APEX trying to woo us with a bigger screen?

vivo APEX

Vivo overwhelmed the business two months back when it launched the Vivo APEX with a glittering new design initiated by a nearly bezel-less display. The APEX includes a 91% screen proportion which is very extensive. The gadget isn’t accessible yet and large scale manufacturing may have quite recently started. Nonetheless, another bezel-less model was spotted on Slashleaks as of late and despite the fact that the gadget appears to be like the Apex, there are a few contrasts which stamp it as not the same as it. All things considered, so we think.

The spilled Vivo gadget appears to have a comparative screen configuration and in addition the retractable selfie camera as the Apex. Be that as it may, the phone has all around chamfered/bended edges that are more adjusted than that of the Apex. Aside from this, there isn’t some other distinction in the design.

While we could take a wild shot at this being another Vivo bezel-less phone, it is conceivable this is the Vivo APEX with a balanced design. Since what got revealed was models of the gadget, it is conceivable that the last design might be somewhat unique. We can’t be so too beyond any doubt about that however we’ll be vigilant for additionally points of interest. The current mobile trend is bigger screen to body ratios and sleek design.

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Image via 91mobiles