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Irresponsible Driver Risks Lives by Giving Train’s Control to A Woman

irresponsible driver

An irresponsible train driver in a serious violation of Pakistan Railways code of conduct placed the lives of hundreds of passengers at rick by giving over the train’s control to a woman in Lahore. This took place on Sunday.

In a video that went viral on social media, it could be clearly seen that 2 women were present in the cabin of the driver, with one of them holding the steering wheel of the train happily.

According to the rules of railways, no one except for the authorised staff is permitted inside the train’s engine room.

The driver of the engine number 4919 of Pakistan Railways could be heard in the video asking the woman in the driving seat to accelerate the speed of the train while he was himself busy in videoing the whole episode.

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As per the report of Express-News, the official also confirmed that no female driver had been hired in the railways however still no action or whatsoever was taken against the driver until the filing of the story.

The video clearly shows that neither the driver nor the women meant any harm they were just trying to enjoy, but yes, the driver acted recklessly, putting lives in risk for the sake of self-enjoyment is not appreciable.

Previously on the 24th of December 2019, at least one person died while 5 other passengers got injured as 3 bogies of Shalimar Express derailed near Faisalabad.

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