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Iraq Apologizes for Mishandling Pakistani Pilgrims

Pakistani pilgrims

Iraq on behalf of its security forces has apologized for the mishandling of the Pakistani pilgrims who were protesting against the Iraq Airways staff for not turning on the air-conditioning system of the aeroplane on June 10.

As per sources, the government of Iraq expressed its regret to the ambassador of Pakistan in the country.

The government also claimed to have suspended the airways’ officials and police officers who were involved in the incident. It also gave assurance to start action against the culprit.

On Monday, more than one hundred and twenty Pakistani pilgrims boarded the Iraqi airline’s flight—IA-409 which was scheduled to depart from Baghdad to Karachi.

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After the boarding was done, the fliers began complaining about the non-functioning of the air conditioning system. They protested against the staff of the airline when the latter paid no attention to their complaints.

There were also heated exchanges between the passengers and the cabin crew.

Later, the airline staff of Iraq helped by the local police mishandled some of the passengers and held them hostage.

Speaking to the local news, one of the fliers said that some passengers exchanged heated words with the cabin crew after they did not turn on the air-conditioning system. He further said that more than 3 passengers were tortured by the police of Iraq.

He said that they were held hostage by the security forces and were not permitted to go outside the Baghdad airport.

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