Iran’s Football Team Picture Gets Viral over the Internet

People will watch FIFA Worldcup 2018 because they love the game, they are supporting a team or because it is such a hyped event around the world. Well, social media users have found another reason to watch FIFA World Cup 2018.

A picture of Iranian Football team went viral over the internet and people have gone crazy over the snap.

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This is a picture which shows Iranian football squad, wearing matching suits and fitting perfectly on the tall dark and handsome description.

The Iranian football team from L-R: Sardar Azmoun, Morteza Pouraliganji, Alireza Jahanbahksh, Saeed Ezatollahi, Ramin Rezaian, Karim Ansarifard, Mehdi Taremi

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Here are some worth mentioning tweets on this picture.

“Think I will be supporting the Iran football team”

“Not sure if it’s Iran National Football Team for the or competitors in Mr. Universe!”

“Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL Iran’s national soccer team looks”

“The Iranian football team. A moment of silence please to appreciate this beauty. I think ill support #Iran this World cup sorry #brazil.”

“Suave image of Iranian world cup football team has Twitter swooning”

“World. Up soccer coming soon! No Italy, no USA! Iran gets my support this time. Forza Iran.”

“I am wondering if I should invest in watching the …. of this line up …. team.”

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