Iran Shows Interest to Join CPEC Projects

Iran has shown interest to become a part of the CPEC projects. China Pakistan Economic Corridor—CPEC has been referred to as the game changer for the entire region and it for sure is.

Iran has also proposed Pakistan for mutual collaborations regarding the offshore explorations of oil and gas.

This was suggested by Mehdi Honarodoost—the Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan in a meeting with Nadeem Babar—the Special Advisor to PM on Petroleum.

During the meeting, Nadeem Babar said that there would be a collaboration for controlling the smugglings of the petroleum products at the Pakistan-Iran border.

The special advisor indicated the common elements between the two nations which are the religion, antiquity and linguistic and said that Pakistan and Iran should work and improve their commercial cooperation.

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The Iranian Ambassador—Mehdi Honarodoost said that CPEC is indeed a game changer for the complete region and Iran could play its role in CPEC.

He also said that Pakistan and Iran might be introducing mutual ventures for the oil and gas exploration.

As we all know that the entire Muslim Umah is experiencing the holy month of Ramazan. During this month Muslims desires to go to the Holy city for performing Umrah. Keeping this desire in mind the national flag carrier of Pakistan has taken the decision of increasing the number of Umrah flights to Saudi Arabia during the blessed month.

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