Iran plans to supply electricity to Pakistan and Afghanistan

The fact that neighboring countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan are in the dire need of electricity to meet their national demands, Iran’s power grid could be linked to those countries by taking necessary measures, Deputy Executive Director of Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission company, Davoid Mansour said in a statement.

Similarly, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Energy and Water told sources that they are in talks with Tehran in order to utilize their capacity of generating electricity, the ministry added that they have already received proposals in the area of electricity and infrastructure.

According to the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Water, Reza Haidari, “Electricity coming from Iran to the border of Afghan province Herat would increase by 40 megawatts.

However, local officials in the province of Herat admired the efforts from both countries adding that it would increase electricity exports to Afghanistan with is vital for industrial growth in the country.

The power supply in Afghanistan remains poor as far as local generation is concerned, that is why the 80 percent of power in the country is being supplied by the central Asian countries and Iran.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has much larger energy needs which are even growing faster, despite the local power projects including Suki Kenai in KPK, CTG six power projects, micropower stations, Gwadar power projects, and many under CPEC. May not require electricity import from Iran, but by the time to their completion Iranian offer to increase electricity, capacity could be utilized to keep the industrial wheel rolling.

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