Iran Bans English Language in Primary Schools

Iran has forbidden the teaching of English language in primary schools as per the information of a senior education representative. This decision was taken after the nation’s Supreme Leader uttered that teaching the language this early opens the gateway for “Western Cultural invasion”.

Mehdi Navid-Adham—Head of the government-run High Education Council told the government-owned television on Saturday that teaching English language both in the government and non-government primary schools is against the rules and regulations as per the official curriculum.

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Justifying the decision Navid-Adham added that this decision is necessary, there is this assumption that during the primary education period the framework of the Iranian culture is laid in the minds of students. He further added that even the non-curriculum English classes that are being conducted should be banned.

In Iran, the teaching of English as a language usually starts from the middle school approximately around the ages of 12 to 14, but some of the primary schools are also offering the English classes for students below that age group.

Some children are also sent to private language institutes after their schools for learning the language. And many children of the elite and privileged families who go to non-government schools are learning the English language from their daycare days till the high school.

Iranian leaders have many a time previously as well shown the dangerous implications of the “cultural invasion” that the language could bring.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei—Supreme Leader earlier too in 2016 voiced his anger over the teaching of the English language culture expanding till the nursery school levels.

Khamenei who has the final verdict in all state-related matters, in one of his speech to the teachers said that this decision does not imply opposition to the learning of an international language, however, allowing it, is indeed the encouragement of international culture within the nation and among children, youth and young adults.

A video went viral on the social media on Saturday having the announcement of the ban with Iranians calling it “the filtering of English”.

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