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iQOO 7 won the 2021 Red Dot Award for Product Design

iQOO 7 won the 2021 Red Dot Award for Product Design and now is prepping to go around the globe.

It hasn’t been so long that Vivo introduced iQOO 7. In fact, it was released in January 2021 and came with a pressure-sensitive screen and a 120Hz refresh rate. The world loved its design so much that this phone has won the 2021 Red Dot Award for Product Design. Congrats to the team.

The iQOO team worked hard to come up with the design. It was designed widely for gamers so it lasts long gaming sessions and survives accidental drops.

The mid-frame of iQOO 7 is built out of durable marine aluminum. It resists corrosion from oils and perspiration from the user’s hands. Then the shape of the frame was designed to provide the best ergonomics. Not to mention the frosted AG glass on the back is fingerprint-resistant.

The company launched the iQOO 7 first in China in January 2021. An international launch is still pending. In fact, we heard that the company is working to introduce a “more localized product lineup to consumers in other parts of the world.”

According to several sources, the iQOO 7 is coming to India on April 26 with a price tag under Rs 40,000 ($530/€440).

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