The iPhone SE 4 is expected to use a redesigned iPhone 14 chassis

The iPhone SE 4 has long been the subject of rumors. According to some rumors, the phone will come this year, some next, and yet others claim it won’t ship at all and is only a prototype for Apple’s future modem. According to the most recent rumors, the iPhone SE 4, which will employ an altered iPhone 14 chassis, is on the way.

It appears that the iPhone SE 4 will use a modified iPhone 14 chassis

When the phone was first announced, we assumed it would have the exact same chassis as the iPhone 14, assuming it was ever released. However, according to a MacRumors story, that won’t be the case. The business has given the iPhone SE 4 the device identification number “D59.” In fact, the staff members call the phone “Ghost.” Its code name is that. Unsurprisingly, the business is anticipated to release the iPhone SE 4, also known as the iPhone SE 2022, as a low-cost smartphone. It replaces the iPhone SE 3.

Up until now, every iPhone SE model has had the same design. The iPhone 8 chassis is borrowed from them. It goes without saying that Apple is attempting to update the design, as it is currently somewhat antiquated.

This report suggests that the iPhone SE 4 will have a somewhat different chassis than the iPhone 14. For us to compare the chassis to what the iPhone 14 offers, the source was able to obtain additional information about it.

It will also weigh a little less than the iPhone 14

The dimensions and weight of the iPhone 14 are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.8 mm and 172 grams, respectively. According to the source, the iPhone SE 4 will weigh roughly 165 grams and be roughly 6-7 grams lighter.

It is anticipated that the device will only use one camera, not two. That can stand in for the disparity in weight. The backplate of the phone will also be slightly different because it is expected to use a single 48-megapixel camera on the back. Of course, one way to save costs is to employ a single camera at the rear. Up until now, all iPhone SE versions have only a single camera; however, this one should be significantly better.

Along with a Type-C port, the box will include an Action Button

An action button is now another distinction from the iPhone 14 chassis. It’s going to be a feature on the iPhone SE 4. The phone will have a Type-C port instead of a Lightning port, which is the final distinction. However, we’re still unsure of when this phone will be released.

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