iPhone 16 will have better microphones

It has been just three months since the launch of the recent flagship iPhone 15 series by Apple and we have come across plenty of rumors and reports regarding the upcoming iPhone 16 series. Well, we have another leak now reported by Ming Chi-Kuo. According to him, as compared to the previous and current models of iPhones, the upcoming iPhone 16 series will feature better microphones.

According to reports, improved microphones will offer significant advantages, as they can help the AI-powered features linked to Siri perform better. Siri is said to receive several new AI-powered features with iOS 18. The company will utilize improved microphones in all models of the iPhone 16 series, as per a post on Medium. Notably, the microphones will have an improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and better water resistance.

AAC and Goertek are manufacturing the current models of microphones for Apple. Reportedly, these two companies will work on the upgraded ones as well. Kuo claims that, as compared to the iPhone 15, the price of the microphones for the upcoming iPhone 16 is expected to be 100% to 150% higher. The most recent information, which asserts that Apple intends to employ better microphones for the iPhone 16 models, supports earlier leaks and reports that Apple intends to enhance Siri with AI capabilities starting with iOS 18.

Additionally, it appears that an upgraded microphone is essential for AI-powered features in Siri. Besides this, there is a possibility that the new AI-powered features might not be rolled out to older iPhone models since those devices lack an upgraded microphone. Well, this is just an initial report and of course, things have a chance to change over time.