iPhone 15 Pro Max Burn in Problems In OLED Display Surfaced

Owners of the iPhone 15 Pro are currently occasionally reporting display problems. The OLED panel on some Apple smartphones seems to have a tendency to burn in, the so-called burn-in. The manufacturer should now replace affected devices as quickly as possible.

Problems surfaced earlier as well

The market launch of the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max was anything but error-free. First, iOS 17 bugs caused the hardware to overheat, then users reported cracking and overdriving speakers, and now the OLED display also seems to be causing problems – at least for a small group of iPhone buyers. Affected users are venting their anger on Reddit and in the forums of the online magazine MacRumors,

among others. In contrast to the temporary image retention, the errors that have now appeared are actually a burn-in, i.e. a possible hardware problem with the OLED panel.

A Few Users Affected Only At the Moment

After just a few days, owners of the iPhone 15 Pro experienced some noticeably burnt-in elements, especially in the area of ​​the keyboard and the app symbols on the home screen. The reason for the problems is still unclear. But there’s no reason to panic: even if the outcry is loud, so far only a manageable number of users seem to be affected by OLED display burn-in problems.

However, the primarily US iPhone 15 Pro owners confirm that Apple easily replaces affected devices – as long as they are in stock. If you notice the unsightly residue of static symbols on the panel, you should also contact the manufacturer’s support promptly, for example in the Apple Store or via the Apple Support app for iOS.

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