iPhone 12 French Version Out Of The Box With Separate Earpods

iPhone 12 French

Among all the versions of iPhone 12 released this year, only the French market is the most special, because it is equipped with a wired EarPods as standard.

Different from other countries and regions, the iPhone 12 sold in France also comes with EarPods wired headphones. As reported earlier, iPhone 12 buyers in France will get free Earpods. According to the unpacking video shared by a French digital blogger, the French version of the iPhone 12 is no different from the international version in terms of packaging size, except that it will come with a white box with a compartment for EarPods.

As early as 2010, the relevant French authorities issued legal regulations requiring mobile phones to be sold locally if they do not have accessories to limit the head’s exposure to radio radiation during communication.

According to Apple, the purpose of not including wired headsets and chargers in the packaging of the new device is to reduce carbon emissions, avoid mining and use of precious materials, etc. Next, there will definitely be other companies following Apple’s approach in product packaging such as mobile phones. Cut off the standard headset and charging head, after all, the cost can be saved a lot. In addition to the iPhone 12, Apple has ruthlessly canceled the earphones and charging heads of all iPhones currently sold. According to Apple’s official pricing, the wired earphones + charging heads will cost an extra $50.