iPhone 11: Price, Specifications and Release Date in Pakistan

refurbished iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 11 release date will be sometime in September 2019. The date predicted for the launch of iPhone 11 is September 10th 2019.  In Pakistan it will be launched somewhere by the end of September.

Let us look at the rumoured, known and expected specifications of the phone.

New iPhone 11 will have a bigger upgrade than the iPhone XS and it might be slightly affordable as the company has not been able to sell as many iPhones as predicted.

It is expected that iPhone will launch three variants of the phone, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R.

According to different leaks, iPhone 11 Max will have a triple-lens camera and a glass back. The buttons arrangement will be similar to iPhone XS. The other two handsets, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R will have dual-lens camera.

Another report revealed that the phone will feature Sony’s next generation 3D sensors. It will allow faster face unlock, improved Portrait mode depth sensing, amazing 3D modelling features and the implementation of Augmented reality.

Another leak suggest that iPhone 11 will be able to support input from Apple Pencil. Currently it just works on iPads. Also iPhone 11 will support the latest Wi-Fi connection, but not 5G.

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The price of iPhone 11 will be somewhere around $999. In Pakistan the price will be more than 1 lac.

People do expect iPhone 11 to have no notch and a batter battery life which still isn’t the strongest part of iPhones. The battery performance of iPhones is just mediocre.

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