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iOS Clipboard Access Is A Bug: Says LinkedIn


Among other things, iOS 14 brings a function that notifies the user when an app accesses the clipboard. As a result, some apps are now exposed that use the filing system including the LinkedIn iOS app.

But the Microsoft network is now reacting somewhat unexpectedly to the exposure that their app is sniffing around on the clipboard: They say that access to the clipboard is not a feature, but a bug and completely unintentional. This emerges from a report by the ZDNet. After becoming aware of LinkedIn’s access, ZDNet had asked for and received an opinion: In a statement, it said that the behavior when copying the clipboard was an error and not intended behavior. The content of the clipboard is also not saved or transmitted by Linkedin. We are already working on a bug fix, the update should be available soon.

Sniffing option – access to sensitive data

Not everyone is aware that access to the iOS clipboard is delicate. However, passwords and thus sensitive access data are also exchanged with the clipboard. The clipboard can also contain data from Mac, for example, using iCloud Sync.

Other apps had already been caught using access to the clipboard. These include TikTok, Twitter, Starbucks, Overstock, and AccuWeather. This was discovered by the beta of iOS 14. Apple had announced as a new security feature that users would receive a notification about access to the clipboard, as is already the case for location usage. This should give iOS users more control and allow them to make more conscious decisions for or against access.

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