iOS 17.2 Beta Confirms Spatial Video Recording On iPhone 15 Pro

As it was reported earlier, Apple To release spatial video recording for iPhone 15 later this year, With the latest iOS 17.2 beta, Apple is now introducing the option to record spatial video recordings with the iPhone 15 Pro. This option will create a spatial image recording that can later be viewed with the Apple Vision Pro.

Spatial video recording for Apple Vision Pro

This is reported by the magazine AppleInsider. At first glance, there don’t seem to be many new features in the second beta of iOS 17.2 – with the exception of spatial video recording for Apple Vision Pro.

The first beta testers discovered this because there is now a new, separate settings toggle switch in iOS for spatial video recording.

Apple promised when unveiling the headset that this feature would come to the iPhone 15 Pro “later,” and the first traces of it are now available in iOS 17.2 Beta 2.

The videos are recorded in 1080p. Apple says the 3D images require about 130 megabytes per minute of video – about 40 percent more than a minute of 1080p video without 3D resolution. The files are saved in what Apple calls “Apple HEVC Stereo Video” format with the “hvc1” codec.

Different modes

Each video sample will then contain both left and right-eye views. The format also allows the primary eye to be either the right or left.

It’s not clear how the tracks differ when recorded with the Apple Vision Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro.

The distance between the cameras on the Apple Vision Pro is roughly the same as the distance between human eyes, while the distance between the lenses on the iPhone 15 Pro is about half a centimeter. That could make a difference – but there are no video examples yet.