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Interviewer Told Taylor Swift Jokingly to Take a Shower

Taylor Swift recently rocked a BBC’s Music—biggest music festival in Swansea—Wales, held on the 27th of May. She put a great show and received good applause and later a comment that she was not expecting at all.

Greg James—BBC Radio 1’s DJ made a joke to the twenty-eight years-old artist after their televised interview that there is a lot going on and it was good to see the celebrity singer. He further added, “I think you need to have a shower now”.

To this Swift cheerfully replied by saying that she agrees and is not at all offended by the comment.

As per Accuweather, the temperature of Swansea was as high as seventy degrees on Sunday and the humidity was high too nearly around eight percent. So, like many of the twenty-six thousand fans attending the festival, Taylor Swift who made an energetic show in the scorching heat and sun was also sweaty.

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The Taylor Swift News account posted on Twitter along with a video of the moment that the singer has her first recorded interview after like a gap of many years and in that very interview, she was asked to take shower.


The ten-time Grammy winner gave a perfect reply to the thirty-two-year-old DJ’s comment.

While some Twitter users shared their disbelief.



However, the reactions were not all negative.


Regardless of the interview and how it went with James, Taylor Swift is planning her return to the United Kingdom in June. She posted her picture on Instagram from the show held on Monday, 28th May and wrote that she missed the UK, and would soon be back to see the UK fans on the Reputation Stadium Tour.

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