Internet Services Providers to Obtain Additional Bandwidth for Internet Disruptions

PTA informed that internet services companies are working to additional bandwidth after internet disruptions.

After the internet disruption, PTA announced that internet service providers are working towards obtaining additional bandwidth as an alternative way for bad internet connectivity across the country.

In a tweet, PTA stated:

According to Trans World Associates (TWA), there was service depravity on the international connectivity towards Europe on the SMW5 cable system because of a sub-sea fault near Abu Talat, Egypt.

PTA in this regard said:

Work is underway to rectify the fault however it may take some time until the fault is removed completely,

It also ensured that it was monitoring the situation and will continue to update users across the country.

The previous day, the authority informed internet users about problems faced due to the degradation of the fault in Egypt.

However, PTA has not mentioned a timeline regarding the restoration of services as it is beyond its reach.

However, according to a senior executive of the TWA:

While the work to remove the fault is continuing, the internet service providers (ISPs) are being shifted to the spare capacity maintained by the company

It is said that the TWA network provides around 40% of internet traffic in Pakistan.

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