Internet Explorer: An End of an Internet Era

Web browsers are essential in our everyday lives, from searching for the meaning of a word to finding the best restaurants in your area. However, the search engines we know today aren’t as fast or great as the ones we have back in the day, just like the legendary Internet Explorer, which has frustrated many users because of its incredibly slow speeds. Nonetheless, it served its purpose, even though it wasn’t really great for streaming TV shows and movies or browsing social media sites back then.

Internet Explorer has played a massive role in everyone who was born in 1995 and below. As one of the first few web browsers in the world, it has introduced many to web surfing, even though it was not as fast as what Google, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge can offer. It has been a reliable companion for many, especially during the early days of the internet, when things were a lot slower.

Its simplicity and easy-to-use interface were a welcome respite from the more complicated search engines of the time. But all good things must come to an end, and Microsoft has finally decided to put Internet Explorer’s retirement in place.

Internet Explorer’s Failure to Keep Up with the Advancements

According to the General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, Sean Lyndersay, even the continuous addition of improvements to Internet Explorer cannot keep up with the general advances of the web. That’s why they have decided to start fresh through Microsoft Edge.

While it was once the most popular web browser, it has been steadily declining for nearly 20 years. It started in 1995 along with the release of Windows 95 and commanded the web browser market until its 2002 peak. Unfortunately, it was neglected by Microsoft for more than five years without updates and newer versions.

That said, users were forced to switch to the latest web browsers with stronger security features and faster tech. In 2010, Internet Explorer fell below the 50% threshold. That’s why last year, Microsoft has decided to announce that Internet Explorer is no longer practical and usable for most of today’s online tasks. It cannot also provide the cybersecurity users need.

If Microsoft ever continues Internet Explorer, it wouldn’t be the same for users. Even if you have high-speed internet, you won’t be able to enjoy it due to its slow and laggy interface. That’s why it’s best for them to discontinue it at this point in time.

Microsoft Edge: Is It Any Better?

Now that Microsoft has decided to finally end Internet Explorer, they’re now focusing on Edge. It is the company’s new web browser that will soon replace the old one. The software giant is hoping that it will address all the issues users have encountered with Internet Explorer.

While the new Microsoft Edge is still relatively new, it is said to be much better than its predecessor. It promises a fast and secure browsing experience for users, which is something that Internet Explorer lacks. With its Chromium-powered technology, it can keep up with the latest web standards. Microsoft is also planning to include some features that would make it even more appealing to users, such as extensions and built-in note-taking functionalities.

The company is also working hard to ensure that Microsoft Edge will be available across all devices, including iOS and Android. This way, users can enjoy a consistent experience regardless of the platform they’re using.

Which Browser is Dominating This Year?

According to Statcounter’s report, Google Chrome remains the leading web browser market with a whopping 63.63% share this 2022. It’s followed by Apple Safari with 19.78%, Firefox with 3.65%, and Microsoft Edge with 3.24% market share.

With these stats, it’s evident that Edge will still have a long way to go before it reaches the top. However, we also have to consider that it’s still new. Many people are still hesitant to switch to a different provider because Google Chrome can already provide them with almost anything.


The end of Internet Explorer is inevitable. It has already been in decline for many years now and Microsoft has finally decided to put it out of its misery. While it may have been a reliable companion for many, especially during the early days of the internet, it’s time to move on to better things.