Internet And Cable Operators Threat 3 to 6 Hour Service Suspension in Sindh

Internet And Cable Operators

The Pakistan Cable Operators Association has made the announcement about the extension of its strike against K-Electric. It said that now the strike would be extended to the other cities of the province including Hyderabad and Sukkur. The association further added that the cable outage would continue in Karachi as well.

In protest, the cable services would not be available in 3 cities from 7 pm to 10 pm. The association on Tuesday protested against the cutting down of their internet and cable wires by the staff of K-E which lead to a suspension of their services for 2 hours between 7 pm to 9 pm in the provincial capital of Sindh.

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Chaudhry Tahir, the general secretary said that they condemn the actions of the KE staff of cutting down the wires.

K-Electric was previously contacted and was asked to give a 3 year time period to the cable and internet service providers to shift their cables underground, but, the power company is showing their indifferent attitude towards the request by cutting down the cables.

Now as per the current situation, the public is suffering more as now there are cable outages along with the power outages in the province. However, all the consumers would be made to pay the monthly bills despite the poor services they are getting.

One of the representatives of the cable operators said that the cable outages of 2 hours as the protest would be practiced across the country if KE does not stop from cutting down the wires.

Previously, the power company had mentioned that using the electricity poles for the cable and internet wires is unsafe and unlawful.

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