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International Driving Licenses Valid in Islamabad Now

international Driving Licenses

PM Khan has asked the concerned authorities to accept the international driving licenses that is; the licenses that are issued by the other nations.

The instructions were given by the Prime Minister while responding to the hundreds of requests put forward by the expatriates on the portal of the PM.

While responding to the directive, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) gave an order asking all the staff, which includes the deputy superintendents of the traffic police, to accept the driving licenses that are issued by the other nations. The order further asked that the ITP should not fine the drivers having a valid foreign driving license.

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They were told to take the instructions seriously and make sure that it is implemented.

The Superintendent of the Police Khalid Rasheed told local media that after the orders of the PM, expatriates were now eligible to drive the automobiles in the federal capital with the international licenses.

It was for the very first time that the foreign driving licenses were being accepted in the country, as said by SP Rashed. He also added that the issued licenses by the ITP were also accepted in some of the nations.

Earlier the ones who did not have local driving licenses were fined, said SP Rasheed. He also said that the expatriates who were on a visit to Pakistan for a limited span, faced inconvenience while driving in the capital city despite having a valid international license of their residence.

Furthermore, it took them a total of 40 days to get the license from the ITP.

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  1. This is a fantastic decision, but to be very honest it should not be implemented after the directives of PM indeed IG Traffic Police in all areas of Pakistan should have anticipated the move.

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