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Interior Minister Denies Any Arrest Pre-PDM Rally

The interior minister denies the arresting of PDM workers as claimed by the opposition. They just have blocked the routes to avoid any chaos.

Interior Minister - Ijaz Shah

Interior Minister - Ijaz Shah

The interior minister denies the fact that they’ve arrested any leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). According to PDM, the government has arrested their leaders prior to their rally against the government.

Ijaz Shah, the interior minister, in response to the blame, said that no one is arrested from the opposition parties. The government has just blocked the roads so that there would be no chaos.

No one is being stopped from going to Jinnah Stadium

Ijaz Shah

The minister also added that such blames have been a norm whenever there’s going to be a rally against the government. He told that they’ll follow rules and stop anyone from creating chaos.

The Interior Ministry will act according to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s advise in this regard

Ijaz Shah

Bilawal Bhutto, chairman of PPP, also claimed that the government has blocked rally routes and have raided several houses of leaders and arrested them.

Bilawal bhutto blames that government has arrested PDM workers - Interior Minister Denies
Bilalwal Bhutto – Chairman, PPP

A similar allegation came from Maryam Nawaz, VP of PML-N. She said that the party workers were facing several obstacles but they still didn’t stop and managed to join the rally.

Earlier today, Lahore Traffic Police shared their advisory routes to avoid the rally for the public convenience.

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