Interest Free Loans For Business Startups: ICCI demands from the government

Interest free loans for business startups

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry ICCI has demanded Interest Free Loans for Business Startups in Pakistan from the government for youth.

 President ICCI Ahmed Hassan Mughal said on Thursday that the government should emphasize on providing more support to youth and young entrepreneurs in Pakistan by providing them special incentives and dedicated space so they can invest in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), special economic zones and establish businesses and ventures as well as industrial units in those zones.

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While addressing Youth Business Development Association of Pakistan (YBDAP), he said the government should revise policies which inherently support youth entrepreneurship, it will reduce the unemployment in the country as well.

He further said 60% of Pakistan population is youth; the government should make policies to engage youth in entrepreneurial activities. He said he is confident about the country’s youth, they are capable of driving the country towards fast prospering economic growth if properly nurtured by the government.

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The Senior Vice President ICCI Rafat Farid said the young entrepreneurs are the great assets of the country and they are the future of Pakistan, they should promote Pakistani brands internationally.

YBDAP president said, this association was created with the special focus on youth; the YBDAP is working towards creating meaningful opportunities for youth in business.

Pakistan’s youth is the backbone of the country and YBDAP is working to facilitate youth in business ventures that could play a critical role in economic development of the country, he added.

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