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Interest-Free Loan Granted To 165,000 Farmers Of Punjab

165,000 farmers in Punjab are granted interest-free loans by Punjab government. The news is confirmed by Punjab Agriculture Secretary Muhammad Mehmood. A package was introduced by Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister and the loans are given under the packages. He confirmed that 165,000 farmers have received interest-free loans.  The loan was issued for Rabi & Kharif crops, Rs 25,000 and Rs 40,000 per acre respectively.

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Now the CM Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has talked previously about the huge potential in the agriculture industry, livestock and dairy farming. He believes that if the effort is made to boost agriculture sector it won’t just improve the economy of Pakistan but also control unemployment in the country.

Thus for the promotion of agriculture sector, interest-free loans are necessary. It will empower small farmers of Pakistan and bring growth and development in the country.

CM of Punjab also informed that small farmers would prosper due to the interest-free loan. He also mentioned that the best, latest technology is being used to ensure that interest-free program goes on in a transparent manner.