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Intelligence and Investigation team seize millions worth merchandise

Intelligence and Investigation

Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation, Customs, Karachi has been fruitful in seizing carried cell phones and electric merchandise worth Rs. 166.16 million which were being shifted from the fortified container.

As per the official statement issued by the directorate, Superintendent Saif Hashmi, Senior Intelligence Officer Akmal Hashmi, Intelligence Officers Munawar Ali and Yawar Abbas informed that FIR has been held up against custom fortified bearer M/s. Saifur Rehman and Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd., (Chal No. 773) Karachi, and other people who were associated with the sneaking.

A trailer was caught by the staff of ASO and got some answers concerning the misuse of transshipment office and clandestine expulsion/carrying of Mobile Phones, Tablets, LED TVs and other misc. electronic products under the garb of PC broken parts.

The trailer with the enrollment number TKB-682 was caught on 10-08-2017 close Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi by the ASO staff.

The shipper and traditions seals were observed to be severed and stacking of the fortified merchandise was being done from the container into Shehzore Mini Truck bearing Reg. No. KP-9342 toward the trailer driver, Adnan and the nearby load bearer, Muhammad Junaid.

The details of operation by Intelligence and Investigation team

Akmal Hashmi informed in a public interview that 174 shipments were being examined that are accepted to be substituted amid the shipment originating from Dubai. The information is being accommodated from the Dubai Customs.

Trailer driver Adnan and one Mohammad Junaid were captured. Inquiry operation was completed in Honda Vezel Pilot auto exhibit there which was found to have a measure of Rs. 0.898 million and a 9MM gun with two live magazines.

Inventory of the intercepted container

S# Description Qty in Pcs Value in PKR Million
1) Mobile Phones (Assorted brand, model, origin) 14493 144.930
2) Tablets 2282 13.692
3) LED TVs 76 1.140
4) Satellite Dish Receivers 1708 3.416
5) Paint Markers 81600 0.816
6) Mobile Phones without LCD 970 1.940
7) Mobile Accessories 1549 0.020
8) Sewing Needles 32000 0.032
9) TV Boards 77 0.077
10) DVD-R 9600 0.096
Total Value In Millions: 166.159


Akmal Hashmi informed that the three people had been recognized including Anees, Moiz and Raheem which are accepted to have some inclusion in this filthy business and confirmations are being gathered to arraign the guilty parties.

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Further investigation is being completed on this issue.

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