Intel Rolls Out Drivers For New WiFi 7 Hardware To Windows 11

Intel has released a new set of Wi-Fi drivers for Windows 11. The new versions are special because they are the first wireless drivers from Intel to support Intel’s new Wi-Fi 7 hardware products.

Updates only for Intel Hardware

This is reported by the online magazine Neowin. The new driver versions are only offered for special Intel hardware and are still a curiosity – the Windows operating system currently does not officially support Wi-Fi 7.

The launch of the Intel drivers now gives rise to new speculation about Microsoft’s upcoming announcement. In the last few weeks, there have been repeated indications of planned support for the new standard. It is currently assumed that Microsoft will leave Windows 10 out of Wi-Fi 7 support.

However, Intel is now starting support with a total of four driver updates:

According to Intel, the drivers require at least Windows 11, as well as the new Intel wireless adapter BE200 or BE202. There is no mention of other operating systems or operating system versions in the release notes. Intel warns against downloading updates if this hardware is not installed.

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