Intel Forced To Stop Supplying Chips To Chinese ‘Inspur’ Cloud Server Manufacturer


The chip manufacturer Intel has stopped supplying processors to the world’s third-largest server manufacturer. The US government has placed it on a list of sanctioned Chinese companies.

The company is Inspur, which is behind Dell and HPE on the world market, but still ahead of Lenovo and IBM. However, Intel sees the suspension of deliveries as a temporary measure to ensure that it does not violate any export restrictions, according to a report by the Global Times. It is now hoped that within the next two weeks there will be more clarity and that the issue can be clarified with the responsible US authorities.

The list that Inspur is now on includes companies that, according to the US government’s taste, have too close ties to, or are under the direct control of, the Chinese military. As of publication, these companies are now subject to export restrictions to prevent critical technologies from the US economy from being sold to opposing military forces.

Problem for both companies

If the matter cannot be resolved at short notice, the consequences for both trading partners are likely to be serious. Inspur almost exclusively builds servers with Intel processors. The company is only experimenting in the AI ​​segment with systems that mainly work with Nvidia GPUs, but these also first need a normal processor and it is unclear whether, for example, a short-term switch to other products is feasible.

But things are not exactly easy for Intel either. The chipmaker has been struggling with serious problems for months and the data center business is currently the mainstay. If the deliveries to the third-largest server manufacturer in the world break down over a longer period of time, this would have a noticeable impact on the development of the company.

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