Intel Arc GPU prices and release dates have been leaked

What takes a long time is finally a leak: Concrete information has appeared on the internet about the launch of Intel’s desktop GPUs from the Arc family. In addition to the release date and target prices, there is also a comparison with Nvidia’s current offering.

First Arc desktop GPUs coming in June

In 2018, Intel first spoke officially about the timetable for developing its own GPUs. At the time, the prospect was: a start in 2020. After the presentation of the Arc brand in mid-2021 and further delay, people were very optimistic again at the beginning of this year: between mobile, desktop, and workstations, they want to sell 4 million GPUs in 2022 alone. Then it’s the time! Matching wishes Wccftech has learned important details about the launch of the desktop GPUs from supply chain sources in Taiwan.

Accordingly, Intel is planning three models for the first attempt. Immediately the note: the flagship A780 will probably not celebrate its appearance here, but will appear much later. Instead, according to the unofficial forecast, Intel would like to launch the two models A750 and A580 first, followed by the A380 boarding pass after “a few weeks”. Below is an overview of Wccftech’s information:

Arc GPU Comparable GPU List price estimated release date

A750RTX 3060$350End of May – beginning of June
A580RTX 3050$280End of May – beginning of June
A380GTX 1650$150probably July

RRP holds up

The release dates promised here fit very well with what Intel had previously communicated as a time frame. The mid-range Intel ARC A750 offering is roughly equivalent to the RTX 3060, and the Intel ARC A580 and 380 then cover the lower mid-range or entry-level range.

However, Intel’s successful entry into the market will depend largely on one factor: how close can the company keep its cards to the recommended price? None of the Nvidia models mentioned in the comparison are currently even available in the range of the original RRP. As an example: the RTX 3060 officially has a price tag of 330 euros, but you won’t get it for less than 470 euros. With an Arc A750 in the range of 350 euros, Intel would certainly be successful.