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Instant English to Urdu Offline Translation Using Google Translate

English to Urdu offline translation

As per the latest update of Google Translate, one could instantly do English to Urdu offline translation. Google Translate is possibly one of the best free tools present for translating languages as per one’s convenience and demand, whether offline or online.

Google Translate just works in a simple way and performs its task without any hassle or fuss. The translations provided by it are also accurate mostly and works well.

English to Urdu translation has been there for some time now with voice translation being provided as an add-on some time back while doing translation from either language.

A new update has been provided to enable the option of taking a picture or using phone’s camera for translating any text in English to Urdu on the spot.

As indicated in the provided image, (shown below), it is not possible currently to take an image in Urdu and get it translated via Google Translate into English or any other language. However, English to Urdu image translation is now being provided while the support for other languages is gradually being added.

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For using the image translation feature, one must ensure that he/she is using the latest version of the Translate application by going on Play Store for updating the app.

For enabling the option go to the application and select to translate from English to Urdu and then click on the Camera icon.

Live translation of the text still is not that accurate, rather shaky and the translated Urdu text looks like it is in reverse order and tough to comprehend and make sense out of what is written. Google is fully aware of the problem and permits the users to reverse the order of words for making it look more understandable and correct.

This makes the translation more comprehensible. However, for a much-improved translation, it is still advised that one should take a picture first and then translate it via the application, as the live translation seems to cause issues at times.

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