Instagram will let you collaborate with your friends on Posts, Reels, and Carousels

Instagram Reels

Since its humble origins, Instagram has grown significantly and is now arguably the best social media tool for photos. The Meta-owned network keeps adding new features that let users interact with their followers, such as live streaming and video looping. However, it hasn’t always been simple for users to work together on material outside of sharing within the app. Instagram is currently rolling out Collab, which lets up to four users collaborate on a shared Carousel, Reel, or post to close the gap.

Instagram users are now able to invite up to three other people as co-authors. You can also use this feature in your personal accounts. The user must be a friend of your private account; otherwise, they won’t be able to view your profile. The private account user must be added to your account. After the content is uploaded, it’ll be shared on the profiles of collaborated accounts.

The collaboration launch includes a significant amount of music as well. Users have been able to choose audio from Instagram’s music library to accompany the content ever since Reels began back in 2020. In 2018, when bringing the same feature to Stories, Instagram noted that it has thousands of songs in its catalog. Users may now upload music to their Carousels, and Instagram will add additional nations to its music library in the coming weeks. Additionally, Spotify will collaborate with Instagram in Mexico and Brazil to introduce the Reels Music Chart, a new feature on its site. Spotify subscribers may listen to the top 50 songs played in Instagram Reels right here.

Collabs, however, could be most advantageous for influencers. They may now use an Add Yours sticker to create interactive Reels rather than just sharing stuff for followers to view. This enables influencers to highlight challenges and prompts that they post, allowing followers to participate in them. If their account is set to public, other Instagram users will be able to see the follower’s Reel after it has been picked.

Instagram has introduced Collab as a brand-new platform that enables users to interact with their friends and express their creativity. It remains to be seen if the public embraces its most recent effort to position itself as something more than an advertisement-dominated platform.