Instagram Threads introduces Tags, which are similar to hashtags but without the hash symbol

Instagram Threads, the rival to Twitter, is working on a new feature dubbed “Tags.” Thread tags function similarly to hashtags in that they classify or gather related posts and display them next to each other. Although Instagram Threads Tags’ feature is comparable to hashtags, it serves different purposes.

On Instagram threads, unlike hashtags, a post can only contain one tag or topic. Therefore, you need to use the right tag on threads to meet the target if you are used to utilizing hundreds of hashtags rather than maximizing the reach of your post on Instagram. According to Meta, this is done to make it simpler for people who want to look for posts that are especially associated with a topic or tag that they find intriguing to read.

It is anticipated that Instagram will launch Threads in Europe later this month

Aside from this, there is a significant distinction between Instagram Threads Tags and hashtags, according to the official Threads post. Tags can be added by aligning the # symbol with the content; however, the published post will not contain them. Rather, they will resemble a hyperlink and show up in the published post’s blue text. Additionally, by tapping the # sign on the new post UI, you may also add a tag.

Additionally, people are free to come up with their own topic or use one that already exists. Furthermore, you have the option to add spaces and other special characters to Instagram threads. Users of Instagram Threads can immediately utilize this function in terms of availability. The good news is that Threads is expected to launch in Europe later this month, which is great news for the people of Europe.

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