Instagram Reels is Now Available on Facebook in the US

Instagram Reels is now available on Facebook in the USA.

Instagra Reels on Facebook

Instagram Reels is gaining popularity among the masses. But it still lags behind TikTok and YouTube Shorts. To gain more reach, the company is always introducing new features. The newest feature is that you can view Reels on Facebook as well.

This latest feature has now started featuring in the US. Reels can now be directly viewed on the Facebook app. You can also create content and upload it on Reels via Facebook.

Instagram Reels “will be displayed in a dedicated section on the News Feed.” It will also be available in Facebook Groups.

Facebook will also suggest “relevant Reels to users to help smaller creators reach a larger audience.” It will also help monetize content creators.

Reels Facebook is available both for iOS and Android users in the US. The feature will soon come to the rest of the world.