Instagram receives a themed app icon

It has been somewhat annoying to wait for the Material You-themed icons to appear in all of your favorite apps. Users continue to anticipate the day when they will be able to have a single home screen. According to Mishaal Rahman, Instagram is finally delivering its theme icon to Android, so this wait is getting a little closer to being over.

The tech giant Google has already introduced Material You Touch to all of its apps. It is now time for third-party apps to join the bandwagon. The company began testing the themed icons with Android 13. It gave companies enough time to introduce themed icons. Some companies, like Spotify, Reddit, LinkedIn, and others, have already done this.

Instagram is all set to introduce a themed icon

Some of our readers might be wondering what a themed icon is. Let us briefly explain this term. The tech giant Google debuted the Dynamic Colors feature with Android 12. In simple words, this feature can take the color of wallpapers and apply it to a smartphone’s screen. It proved to be a nice and great addition, and tech giant Google decided to level up the game with the next Android version. With Android 13, Google debuted the color palette for the app icons.

Instagram is a well-known social media platform that has several million users. It is quite surprising why Instagram is late to the themed icon party. With the recent update, you may expect that the themed icon will feature an Instagram logo that is minimalistic and has a background that matches the theme of your system.

One thing to note here is that the themed icon will consider the theme of the device, i.e., light or dark mode, as it has a bright and dark color option. If a user prefers light mode, the logo will be dark, whereas the icon’s background will be light. It will be the opposite case with the dark theme, where the logo will be light and the icon’s background will be dark.

Just make sure to update your app to observe the new changes. In case the new feature doesn’t appear on your phone, just wait a little longer, and the updates will eventually arrive on your smartphone.

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