Instagram Made It Simple to Unfollow Someone

simple to unfollow someone

Instagram has just made it super easy and simple to unfollow someone on its platform. Earlier the Facebook-owned application used to have a safeguard in place to ensure that one truly and willingly wants to unfollow someone, or one just clicked on the “unfollow” option accidentally. It used to ask if one decides to unfollow someone on its mobile app.

If the “unfollow” button is clicked upon accidentally or intentionally, the app would ask if one was sure of the decision and wants to continue with the unfollow option of that account, thus providing a last chance to the users for changing their mind.

It seems that Instagram has quietly removed the dialogue box in the latest app update of its mobile application. Now if one just accidentally swipes and unfollow someone then there would be an awkward moment as one would need to re-send the follow request.

The ones who have not yet updated to the new version of the Instagram mobile app could still enjoy the freedom of hasty swiping and accidental clicks on the unfollow button, but once the app is updated the freedom is gone.

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Instagram has been inquired about this change that whether they are planning to eliminate the feature, or was it just a test or something for a longer duration. Instagram has not responded to the query so far.

The notification still is present on the desktop version of the application, which is the best place for online scrolling and searching.

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