Instagram introduced a new user interface (UI) designed for larger displays

For several years, users have been asking for apps optimized for big screens like tablets and foldable smartphones. The same is true for Instagram. In response to the user’s request, the company stated that an app optimized for tablets or iPads is not part of the company’s goals. But now some recent pieces of information indicate that the company has introduced a big screen UI design for its Android app. Surprisingly, the new UI design is also available on the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The Instagram app for foldable phones and tablets is now available

Given the new UI design, the navigation reel can be found on the left side. Previously, the navigation reel lay at the bottom. The navigation reel consists of several tabs like Home, Search, New Post, Reels, Profile, Notifications, and Messages. Besides these changes, the Stories feed can be found at the top. Users can now view large images and videos in the feed section.

The company has been rolling out the new updates for the last few days. On the big screen, users can view the reels at the bottom of the screen, with black bars surrounding it on either side. Buttons like Likes, Comments, and Share can be found on the right side of the video. Currently, the new UI design is available on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. It might arrive on older versions of the Galaxy Z Fold series in the future.

One interesting fact about Meta to notice here is that the company is rolling out apps for Android tablets as well as WearOS smartwatches. The company is abandoning Apple’s ecosystem. Just a few days back, Meta unveiled WhatsApp for WearOS. Do note that there is no dedicated WhatsApp app for Apple Watch.

The tech giant Google has been asking developers to design apps optimized for big screens since the launch of Android 12L. Google assured that it will introduce more than 50 tablet-optimized apps. Furthermore, several first-party apps from Samsung present a multi-pane design, making them appropriate for foldable smartphones and tablets.