Instagram Hacked: High Profile Individuals Exposed To The Cyber Attack

Instagram has exposed fault in its system. The officials believe that many stars’ phone numbers and email addresses are being attacked by hackers.

Instagram has warned some of the known figures about the flaw via email. What is believed is that more than one cyber attackers have targeted known celebrities in order to gain their contact information.

Instagram further informed that passwords are not stolen but users need to be careful now and remain cautious of any suspicious activity going on.

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They were not clear about which accounts have been affected by the hackers. There was a bug in company’s software that became the cause of the attack. The application programming interface had a flaw but it has been fixed now. The warning is given by Instagram officials to “be extra vigilant” specifically about unknown phone calls, texts, and emails.

There are 500 million users of Instagram around the world, therefore the security system of the social media app needs to be efficient and up to the mark.

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