Instagram chats and Facebook Messenger are being disconnected by Meta

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are the three most popular social networking sites that are owned by Meta. In order to provide users with a seamless social media experience, the company began integrating the three platforms in the past. As of now, it appears like the company is reverting to its previously adopted strategy. Reportedly, the company is going to disconnect Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats.

According to the information shared by folks at 9To5Google, the disconnection of Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats will begin by the middle of this month. According to the information available on the support webpage of Instagram, starting this month, users won’t be allowed to communicate with Facebook accounts.

Instagram users won’t be able to initiate new messages or calls with Facebook accounts once the disconnection process begins. Additionally, any open conversations between the two platforms will be read-only, and users will not be able to receive or send new messages. Similarly, the activity status of Instagram accounts won’t be available on Facebook accounts. Facebook users won’t have access to information like whether a message has been read or not.

In addition to this, the chat threads won’t be available in the inbox section, be it on Facebook Messenger or Instagram accounts. There are no details about this change by Meta. It is anticipated that the company has opted for this decision given the guidelines of Europe’s DMA (Digital Markets Act). According to DMA, companies like Google, Apple, and Meta must offer interoperability with other messaging platforms. From this perspective, Meta might be working on a new interoperability method according to DMA’s guidelines, and possibly because of this, the company has disconnected Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats.

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