Instagram CEO shows off a brand-new custom sticker feature

Recently, Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, shared information about the under-development story-sharing options. As of now, Mosseri has shared the news about another new feature that is under testing. Just recently, the app received a new dynamic-themed icon. According to the fresh pieces of information, the app is set to receive a new custom sticker tool. This tool could be used with both stories and reels.

Users can now create custom stickers with the help of the new Instagram custom sticker tool. Stickers can be created from the user’s own photo or other’s pictures. Adam Mosseri shared the information about the upcoming feature on his broadcast channel. He shared the information in the following words Once again, an enjoyable test. We’re exploring a feature that lets you create personalized stickers from your images to use in reels and tales.

Instagram will receive the custom sticker option

With the help of the brand-new Instagram custom sticker tool, users can select a picture, crop it off of its background, and then use it just like any other sticker. Users can utilize photographs from Instagram as well as ones that are saved on their phones. Thus, you will be able to create stickers using content created by others. But as Engadget pointed out, there probably will be a way to opt out of this.

It looks like Instagram has taken inspiration from Apple iOS 16, which debuted in 2022. Apple already enables its users to create custom stickers and share them on Instagram posts. Users can also create stickers by capturing screenshots of other user’s posts. Well, this is all that we know about the new Instagram custom sticker tool. Furthermore, there is no word on when the new tool will be rolled out to the general public’s Instagram accounts.

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