Instagram Bug Keeps Repeating The Same Stories

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Many users are victims of a very annoying bug on Instagram. The latter prevents the application from remembering Stories that have already been viewed. Result: it always offers the same Stories in a loop, without being able to pass them on to watch the next one. The social network has indicated that it is aware of the problem and is currently working on a solution.

Like any app, Instagram is no stranger to bugs. If some are necessarily larger than others and sometimes even go so far as to prevent their use, it happens that small vicious problems also penetrate the social network. This is the case of a bug that affects many users around the world today. The complaints started on Reddit, where a forum member pointed out that he constantly sees the same Stories over and over. It’s a problem best understood by witnessing it, but let’s try to describe it.

Somehow Instagram doesn’t remember which Stories you’ve viewed. Normally, when a Story appears on your screen, you are not supposed to see it again. Let’s say you watched 3 out of 6 Stories of one of your contacts before moving on to the next user. So by returning to his profile, you should automatically encounter his fourth Story

A new bug ruins the Instagram experience

This usual operation is therefore no longer relevant for many users today. For many, regardless of the number of stories viewed on the same profile, the application always reverts to the first one, as if none of them were ever displayed. This issue appears to have occurred yesterday and has not been resolved today.

Surprisingly, not all users are affected by this bug. In writing, for example, some have noticed, while others have noticed nothing. So, unlike other bugs in the past, this latest one has not propelled Instagram to Trending Topics on Twitter, indicating that the majority is unaffected. However, Meta is aware of the problem and is now working on a solution, a spokesperson told The Verge.