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‘InshAllah’ officially becomes a German Word now


InshAllah has become a German word now as the most authentic Germany’s dictionary has recognized the word. The Arabic word can thus now be considered a German word.

Duden, the German dictionary has added InshAllah to its list. In the dictionary, ‘InshAllah’ is spelled as “inschallah”. As of now, it is included in the digital version of the dictionary. Later on, whether it will be included in the print version as well or not will be seen.

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‘Inshallah’, is a word that is widely used by Muslims around the globe. The meaning of ‘InshAllah’ is ‘If Allah willing’ or ‘If Allah wills’. Muslims use it while referring to a future event. For instance ‘InshAllah tomorrow would be a good day.’

Duden is known as the most famous and authoritative dictionary in Germany. First, it was issued back in 1880 and now it’s on its 27th edition.

A few Germans have criticized the addition of ‘InshAllah’ to the dictionary saying that it is the increasing ‘Islamisation’ of Germany.

It is not the first time that words from the Muslim world have been added in the dictionary. Earlier, “oha” in Turkish was also added in the dictionary. ‘Oha’ is a word commonly used in Turkish as an expression of astonishment or surprise.

In Europe, Germany has the second-largest Muslim population of 5 million. That makes around 6% of Germany’s population. 3 million Muslims have Turkish roots among the 4.7 million Muslims.

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