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Insensitive Rise in the Prices of Essential Commodities

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There for sure is the absence of an effective price control mechanism, the prices of all the essential commodities have been increased insensitively, which includes vegetables and fruits, just before the holy month of Ramazan.

The government of Punjab has called a meeting for finalizing the Ramazan Package 2019 on Monday, however, the prices of all the essential commodities have already seen a surge.

The market players are indicating a further surge in the prices in the coming weeks.

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A market survey of the various city areas, which includes Sunday bazaars, shows that the traders and the greengrocers have surged the prices of all the seasonal fruits and vegetables by 50percent to 100percent.

It seems that both the district and the provincial administration are unable to handle these crises.

Many citizens have complained their grievances over the negligence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government and the state machinery have given the confidence to the greengrocers and shopkeepers to loot the locals.

They indicated that not a single government official or any political leader was there to check on the prices of these commodities.

Shop keepers underlined that the whole population was under the burns of inflation of the poorly drafted economic policies and the immature verdicts of the government of PTI. They said that this artificial price surge before the holy month is the worst example of bad governance.

As per the latest, the provincial information minister made claims that the PTI government would be announcing the biggest ever Ramazan package for providing relief to the locals.

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