These companies won Award in Innovation from PSEB , we will provide you some overview of these companies what they actually are and how they are innovative.

1 Astica pvt. Ltd

Astica private limited is the one amongst 2 other companies who received award for innovation. We are unable to provide any further information on this company because we couldn’t find their website on Google. The company looks so innovative that it doesn’t even have a website in search results maybe an extra security layer, “Nobody can find and contact them without their permission. God knows how innovative they are actually.

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2 Solo Tech

This company appeared to be innovative; the company provides software, hardware and extra control mechanisms of SmartXS devices.  Solo Tech provides solutions in mainly security devices such as; CCTV, Doors, RFID controls, Motion detectors, Elevators, Sensors and much more.

solo tech

3 XGrid Solutions

Again XGrid Solutions is yet another innovative company without having a website that could be found through Google. It seems, they have told PSEB that; “look we have a website but it’s hidden in search results, and how we hide it, is our real ‘innovation'”

We believe there are dozens of IT companies in Pakistan that are much more innovative then these two so called innovative companies, we appreciate your comments to add the companies that you think are innovative.


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