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Infrastructure Improvement of 4,524 Schools Across Sindh

According to the survey of Sindh Education department four thousand five hundred and twenty-four schools have been identified in Sindh that needs proper care regarding their betterment and restoration of infrastructure and academic environment so that the enrollment count for the academic year 2018 could be increased. Out of these schools, six hundred and fourteen were of Karachi.

The infrastructure covers the areas like the supply of electricity, properly built washrooms, boundary walls, furniture, drinking water, sanitation and qualified teachers.

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Murad Ali Shah—Chief Minister Sindh presided a meeting held last week with the education department, in the meeting certain directions were given to the education department. This project is an initiative towards the compliance of those directives.

Iqbal Durrani—Secretary of School education has made a report regarding this, he also has submitted a list of top priority schools for the chief minister mentioning that a timeline with cost expenditures and NITs would be submitted by the 10th of next month (that is November 10).

As per the reports, four thousand schools throughout Sindh had found to have more than a hundred enrollments with more or less equitable distribution.

The report also tells about the plans of the public health engineering department about providing solar electricity to four thousand schools. The chief engineers and the infrastructure development teams have been instructed to undertake a standard infrastructure design for all these four thousand plus five hundred and twenty-four schools. The additional schools five hundred and twenty-four are added as it is one of the requirements of the World Bank.

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