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Indonesia Willing to Strengthen Economic Ties with Pakistan in Punjab

A bunch of Indonesian investors have displayed immense interest relating investments in the province of Punjab.

The provincial government is said to be adopting policies and such steps for promoting and encouraging investments and a friendly environment.

A high-profile business Indonesian delegation has visited Punjab on a three-day visit. The delegations’ objective is to promote economic and trade ties between the two countries.

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As per a statement release, it was mentioned that this historical visit is significant as it would be providing new openings for business, investments and mutual collaborated projects that would assist in reaching the joint target of maintainable economic development.

The Indonesian delegates visited some potential sites including PIEDMC and Faisalabad Industrial Estate, where they got busy in detailed B2B meetings and brought in consideration the possible available opportunities. The delegate showed their interest in spreading their business.

The delegation was also shown the presentation regarding the Special Economic Zones relating the overall-general possible investment opportunities in Punjab for agriculture, tourism and business.

On Wednesday an exclusive Pak-Indonesian Business Forum has been developed by the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade for welcoming the delegation.

The forum would be a huge opportunity for the business communities of both the countries to discuss possible projects and openings.

Indonesia shares a good trading history with Pakistan and is a major import and export destination.

The delegates are from a variety of sectors like textiles, food industry, construction and auto parts.

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